Abe Industrial Products was founded 25 years ago, a collaboration between a.b.e. Industrial Products (IO) Ltd - Mauritius and a.b.e. Construction Chemicals - South Africa, thus becoming the leading local manufacturer of construction chemicals and building products in Mauritius.

Since then, the activity has flourished and the company has become a major supplier of technical and common products related to the building, civil engineering and maintenance industries. Our distribution network meets all the daily needs of professional and private sites.

Our company brings together leading construction brands, including Abe MEP and Chryso, and partners with international brands such as Tencate and Plaka.

The logistics

MEP products are available and distributed across the island and the Indian Ocean. They are also supplied to professional construction sites throughout the region.

Our professional division consists of contractors ranging from large construction companies to small home builders. We provide technical advice and actively listen to our customers to anticipate needs and suggest effective solutions.

We also work in close collaboration with retail customers in various points of sale, from large to small hardware stores, providing personalised advice and follow-up.

Our Export division ensures the link between our production unit and regional partners.


MEP – A strong human power

Our production factory is located in Petite Rivière, Mauritius. It is made up of a team of operators, machinists and chemists all skilled and equipped with training programmes in the construction industry.

This human power coupled with industrial strength, allows us to produce locally and thus meet the demands of the market and the countries surrounding the region.

Our sales force is driven by 4 technical sales representatives spread over 3 zones, covering the entire island to better meet the delivery, support and technical needs of hardware stores and individuals.