High performance tile adhesive.

  • Suitable for plaster - "gypsum board".
  • Suitable for any type of tiling, any format, walls, worktops, tables ...
  • Use for bonding tiles on tiles, on paint, on vinyl… without primer.
  • Ready-to-use paste adhesive.
  • couverture

    Covers: 3.5 kg / m²

  • contenu

    Contain: Bucket 5kg & 25kg

  • sol

    Wall: interior

  • pret-a-lemploi

    Ready to use

MEP®.COL Pate is an improved ready-to-use adhesive. for bonding of tile.


Laying of all types of tiles, marble, stone, any sizes.

  • • Interior walls<
  • • Gypsum Boards
  • • Worktops
  • • Tables
  • Normal and homogeneous ceramic tiles
  • Porcelain
  • Earthenware
  • Clay
  • Slate
  • Natural stones
  • Mosaic
  1. Surface Preparation

    • Remove all traces of grease, oil, cement laitance.
    • Remove dust.
    • Moisten the surface.
    • On excessively porous cement surfaces, it is recommended to seal the surface with a porosity stabilizer. MEP® PRIM GP.
    • In case of holes or significant flatness defects, fill with MEP®. REP Sol.

  2. Preparing the product

    • Before use, knead the product to make it more flexible.

  3. Product Application

    • Spread MEP®. COL Pate on the surface with a trowel on a surface of 1 to 2 m², then adjust the thickness using the appropriate notched trowel.
    • Spread the adhesive both on the side of the tiles and surface for formats larger than 500 cm².
    • Proceed to lay down the tiles.
    • Press the ceramic covering by hammering with a mallet to ensure perfect transfer.
    • Remove traces of adhesive from the tiles with a damp sponge as you apply the tiles.

  4. Grouting

    Drying time before grouting: approx. 24 hours.
    Grouting using MEP® products. JOINT Color / Large / Flex /Rustic / Epoxy...

  5. Movement joints

    Respect the correct execution of the joints (peripheral / movement / expansion).


    • Under renovation:
    • Probe existing coatings to ensure their good hold.
    • Remove blown-in or insufficiently adherent tiles.
    • Glue the missing elements back together or rectify any planimetry defects ≤ 10 mm directly with MEP DURA®. REP.