Epoxy Grout mortar.

  • Suitable for grouting that are subject to chemical attack and to cleaning under high pressure.
  • Suitable for grouting subject to heavy traffic.
  • Ideal for grouting industrial tiles.
  • couverture

    Covers: 0.2 kg / m²

  • contenu

    Contain: Kits 1kg & 4kg

  • sol

    Floor: interior/exterior | Wall: interior/exterior

  • sol

    Laying in private swimming pools or ponds

MEP®. JOINT Epoxy is a three-component epoxy grouting mortar which is acid-proof for the production of joints from 2 to 20 mm. It allows durable joints to form when it is necessary to have a mechanical as well as high acid resistance.


MEP®. Epoxy is recommended for :

  • • Grouting of joints subject to heavy traffic.
  • • Grouting joints in
    - the food industry: industrial kitchens,
    - slaughterhouses, food processing, breweries ...
    - chemical industry: laboratories, industries
    - textiles, heavy industries ...
    - the medical field: hospitals, wards
    - operations, sanitary facilities ...
    - wellness centres: steam cabins,
    - saunas, hammams
    - collective and public swimming pools
Permitted surfaces
  • indoor and outdoor floors
  • interior and exterior walls
  • pools and ponds
  1. Surface Preparation

    - Remove all traces of glue or cement from the joints.
    - Remove dust.
    - Before pointing, make sure that the mortar or adhesive has set properly and that it has evacuated all traces of dust.
    a lot of its moisture.
    NB: These practices will allow a better holding and homogeneity of the joints.

  2. Preparing the product

    Mix the 3 components until a flexible and homogeneous mortar is obtained.

  3. Product Application

    Spread MEP®. JOINT Epoxy and smooth in a diagonal movement to the tile using a trowel and/or plastic float.
    Make sure that the joints are completely filled.
    Smooth the joints and remove excess material with a soft joint trowel.
    Emulsify with clean (lukewarm) water using a green cleaning pad or cleaning machine, taking care not to dig into the joint.
    Clean with lukewarm water.
    If necessary, finish with a dry cloth.
    NB: Once dry, clean MEP®. Epoxy Seal is extremely difficult. It is strongly recommended to remove traces as you go along.


    • Avoid application in direct sunlight or rain and protect from wind whenever possible.
    • Remove excess MEP®. JOINT Epoxy Sealant as you apply.
    • Immediately after application, clean tools with warm water.
    • Protect tiles sensitive to stains.