Stabilizer for paving joints.

  • Stabilizes aggregates between joints.
  • Prolongs the durability of the paving.
  • Slows down the formation of mould.
  • Matte effect.
  • couverture

    Covers: 300 g / m²

  • contenu

    Contain: Bucket 5L & 20L

  • sol

    Floor: interior/exterior

  • sol

    Ready to use

MEP®. JOINT Stab is a resin allowing stability and protection of paving and natural stone joints.


MEP®. JOINT Stab is a joint stabilizer specially designed to stop movement of aggregates and sand. It prevents erosion and deterioration of joints caused by climatic and mechanical attack. Its transparent film and microporosity prevents the penetration of contaminants and thus facilitates the maintenance of pavers.

  • Indoor and outdoor floors
  • Paving
  • Terracotta
  • Slates
  • Natural stones

ALWAYS TEST on a small, hidden area of around 1 m² to make sure the result meets your expectations.

  1. Surface Preparation :

    Protect vegetation, vehicles and adjacent surfaces that do not need to be treated.
    Remove stains with appropriate products.
    Clean the entire surface with a broom without dislodging aggregates.
    Surface must be clean and dry.
    The application temperature must be between 10 °C and 35 °C.
    There must be no risk of rain within the next 24 hours.

  2. Preparing the product :

    Do not add water, the product is ready to use.
    Stir the product before and during application. The product is milky in appearance and will become transparent when dry.

  3. Product Application :

    Work in areas of 5 m² maximum. Using the sprayer, saturate the surface and the joints with a protective layer.
    Using a roller, remove the excess on the surface before it dries, redirecting it into the joints.
    Avoid dislodging aggregate with the roller. Continue on the remaining sections by proceeding as follows without interruption to prevent overlapping marks.
    Once the surface is dry to the touch (+/- 2 hours), a second coat can be applied for a glossier finish and a wetter look.
    Apply the second coat in the same way but using less product.
    Do not apply a second coat on non-porous or low porosity pavers as this could make the slippery surface.
    Use the same method of application from start to finish.
    Return-to-Service Time :
    Pedestrian: ± 24 hours
    Normal: ± 72h

  4. Back-to-Service Time :

    • Pedestrian: ± 24 hours
    • Normal: ± 72h


    • Clean tools and hands with warm, soapy water.
    • Over-accumulation of the product could lead to surface bleaching.
    • Spray in strong winds.
    • Frequent and aggressive maintenance can affect the stabilization of aggregate joints.