Block laying mortar

  • Ready to use
  • Cement content - 350 kg/ton of dry sand
  • contenu

    Contain: Bag 25kg

  • sol

    Wall: interior/exterior

  • sol

    Consumption: 14 Blocks / Bag

MEP®. MONT BLOC is a specially formulated grey cement-based block laying mortar. It is designed for laying blocks, stones, bricks and to fill gaps between concrete and blocks


MEP®. MONT BLOC is suitable for:

  • Concrete block
  • Natural stone
  • Brick
  1. Surface preparation

    Ensure that surfaces are clean, sound and free of dust or any material which may affect adhesion
    Surface should be pre-wetted prior to application

  2. Mixing ratio: 4 lts (+/- 0.5lts) water per 25 kg bag

    Gradually add the powder into the required water quantity while mixing
    The use of a low-speed mechanical mixer or a concrete mixer is recommended
    Consistency of the mix must enable correct laying of the materials without “squashing” the joint.

  3. Application

    Apply MEP®. MONT BLOC on the blocks using a trowel
    Place the blocks onto the mortar ensuring good contact
    Remove excess material before setting
    Final bed thickness should be between 10 to 15mm for horizontal joint


    • Do not apply in wet weather, or in temperatures below 5ºC or over 35ºC
    • Should the mortar stiffen up due to delays in application then discard the product and mix a fresh batch


    • Packaging: 25kg triple-ply paper bags
    • Handling and storage: 6 months if kept in a dry cool place in the original packaging
    In more extreme conditions this period might be shortened
    ▪ Tools: Mechanical mixer, concrete mixer, trowel