Cementitious fairing coat

  • Pore filler and levelling mortar
  • Internal and external use
  • Ultra-smooth finished
  • couverture

    Covers: 1 kg / m²

  • contenu

    Contain: 1kg / 5kg / 20kg

  • sol

    Wall: interior/exterior | Ceiling | Beams and columns

MEP®. MUR LISSE is a single component, polymer-modified, cementitious mortar used to produce a high quality surface levelling and pore filler.

MEP®. MUR LISSE has been developed to comply with the requirements of EN 1015-11.


MEP®. MUR LISSE is used as levelling mortar, infilling surface imperfections, making good concrete blow holes and filling small holes. It is also used to patch concrete repairs

  • • Specially formulated to provide a smooth and level surface
  • • Used as a pore filler and a levelling mortar
  • • Easy to apply - does not slump or slip
  • • Breathable - Allows vapor to escape
  • • Excellent bond to concrete

MEP®. MUR LISSE suitable to masonry and walls conforming to DTU 23.1. It can also by applied
▪ To fiber cement board
▪ To gypsum board – using MEP®. PRIM GP
▪ To existing painted wall

  1. Surface preparation

    ▪ Ensure that surfaces to be skimmed are clean, sound and free of dust, release agent, fungi and/or any material which may affect adhesion
    ▪ All unsound areas, flaky or peeling layers must be removed and repair
    ▪ Surface should be pre-wetted – allow excess water to drain off before applying MEP®. MUR LISSE
    Notes: New concrete must be allowed to cure for minimum periods to ensure that movement does not affect the rendering

  2. Mixing ratio: 7.5 lts (+/- 0.5lts) water per 20 kg bag

    ▪ Gradually add the powder into the required water quantity while mixing to avoid lumps forming
    ▪ Mix thoroughly to a creamy consistency – the use of a low speed mechanical mixer is highly recommended
    ▪ Allow mix to gel for 2-3 min and then remix before use
    NB: Never add more water to the mix. Should the mortar stiffen up due to delays in application then discard the product and mix a fresh batch

  3. Application

    As a pore filling compound
    ▪ Use a palette knife or similar tool to apply the mortar, pressing well into the pores
    ▪ Finish flush to the surface and rub off any excess mortar
    ▪ Live the pore-filling mortar to harden first before re-wetting and applying the levelling coat
    ▪ Maximum depth and diameter of application: 5 mm

    As a surface levelling compound
    ▪ Apply with a steel float to a thickness of about 0.5 mm pressing well into the damp surface
    ▪ If a thicker coat is needed to hide deeper surface imperfections, apply the second coat when the mortar has hardened sufficiently to support it
    o Minimum thickness of application: 0.5 mm per layer
    o Maximum thickness of application: 3 mm per layer
    ▪ Use a steel float to provide a smooth surface when the mortar has firmed up sufficiently
    ▪ Do not re-wet the surface before troweling. This may cause some surface crazing

  4. Curing

    MEP®. MUR LISSE does not require any form of curing in moderate ambient conditions, but under strong drying conditions curing may be necessary. In this case, the use of an adequate curing compound sprayed on to the surface of the finished MEP®. MUR LISSE in a continuous film is recommended


    Do not use on:
    ▪ Gypsum
    ▪ Weak mortar or plaster
    ▪ Wood
    ▪ All type of metal: steel, aluminum, etc
    ▪ Other surface not mentioned in tds


    ▪ Do not apply in wet weather, or in temperatures below 5ºC or over 35ºC
    ▪ Avoid application under a full sun or on a very hot surface. This can cause shrinkage cracks and/or the loss of mechanical strength mortar applied
    ▪ To prevent it from drying too quickly in windy condition, it is preferable to protect the surface receiving direct dry warm winds


    ▪ Packaging: 1Kg / 5Kg plastic bucket / 20Kg triple-ply paper bags
    ▪ Handling and storage: 6 months if kept in a dry cool place in the original packaging
    In more extreme conditions this period might be shortened
    ▪ Tools: trowel, sponge