Decorative plaster for tyrolean finish application.

  • Water repellent - indoor & outdoor.
  • Traditional Tyrolean finish.
  • Regularity of the grain.
  • Fine grain size.
  • couverture

    Covers: 3 kg / m² / layer

  • contenu

    Contain: Bag 25kg

  • sol

    Wall: interior/exterior

MEP®. MUR Tyrolienne is a decorative coating applied with a tyrolean flicker machine. It allows rough or crushed "speckles" finishes. It is applied on a traditional two-layer plaster or on a plaster gray monolayer.

  • • Cement undercoat and cement-lime mortar
  • • Gray monolayer undercoat
  • • Painting
  1. Preparation of supports:

    ▪ Ensure that surfaces to be rendered are clean, sound and free of dust, release agent, fungi and/or any material which may affect adhesion
    ▪ Remove all traces of plaster, paint, etc
    ▪ All unsound areas, flaky or peeling layers must be removed and repair
    ▪ Day before the application - pre-wetted up to saturation point
    ▪ Day of application – surface should be moistened (not wet) prior to the application
    • In the event of holes or significant flatness defects, reseal with DURA®. REP FR.

  2. Product preparation:

    • Using a stainless steel trowel (or mechanically), spread out, lining the support well.
    • It is possible to smooth a glass frame in the plaster. This arrangement makes it possible to distribute the stresses in the mortar without however excluding the risk of cracking in the event of movement of the support.
    • The thickness should be approximately 5 mm.
    • In the case of an organic or thin mineral finish, finely float MEP. RENO Coat.
    • In the case of a thick finish, scrape with a single coat mortar scraper over the fresh mortar in order to leave the surface rough and to allow good adhesion of the finishing plasters.
    • Leave to dry for a minimum of 7 days before applying the finish.
    • Clean tools with water while the product is fresh.

  3. Product application:

    The application is done by zip line:
    • Fill the zip line with the mixture.
    • After the support has been moistened and the film of water has disappeared, apply the coating to the MEP®. MUR Tyrolienne.

    The operation is done in 3 passes:
    • Project the 1st pass perpendicular to the wall, to cover the support.
    • Let “pull” this 1st pass.
    • Project the 2nd pass at an angle to the wall.
    • Let this second pass "pull".
    • Project the 3rd pass on the other side.


    • Water the supports preferably the day before the coating and water it again if necessary before the application.
    • For the grain not to be drowned, each layer must have dried before applying the layer next.
    • The drying action of the sun and the wind may cause the coating to crack: moisten the coating with spray during the 2 days following its application (do not carry this operation out in the sun)