Technical interposition mortar.

  • To be applied directly on paint before plastering
  • High adhesion technical mortar.
  • Can be sprayed.
  • couverture

    Covers: 5 m² @5 mm thickness

  • contenu

    Contain: Bag 25kg

  • sol

    Surface: Wall interior/exterior | Ceiling

MEP®. RENO Coat is a technical mortar with a strong adhesion used to achieve:

  • Microgobetis on non-absorbent concrete.
  • Interposition layer to pass from one surface to another. Painted to a mineral surface (plastering mortar)
  • Concrete
  • Brick or stone masonry
  • Masonry plastered with old coatings
  • Organic, paints or resin-based EPR, subject to validation of adhesion tests.
  • Cement-based coating
  • Organic base coating
  • Painting
  • Adhesive mortar (tiles, earthenware, etc.)
  1. Surface Preparation:

    They must be adherent, dry. Older surfaces should be systematically washed with a high pressure water.
    In the case of EPS or paint, always perform the following adhesion test:
    -Apply MEP®. RENO Coat on an area of approx. 1 m².
    - Apply a MEP® glass mesh. TRAME 09 in the plaster, leaving a minimum of 10 cm of grid free at the bottom.
    - After at least 7 days of drying, pull the glass fibre reinforcement strongly to tear it off.
    - If the tearing occurs in the plaster: the old coating can be kept.
    - If the tearing occurs in the coating, it will have to be removed.
    - Carry out one test per 100-m² area.

  2. Preparing the product:

    • Mix MEP®. RENO Coat with approx. 5 litres of water per 25 kg bag until a soft and homogeneous mortar is obtained.
    • The resulting paste must be left to rest for 2-3 min.
    • The product can be applied using a mortar pump.

  3. Product Application

    • Using a stainless steel trowel (or mechanically), spread out, lining the support well.
    • It is possible to smooth a glass frame in the plaster. This arrangement makes it possible to distribute the stresses in the mortar without however excluding the risk of cracking in the event of movement of the support.
    • The thickness should be approximately 5 mm.
    • In the case of an organic or thin mineral finish, finely float MEP. RENO Coat.
    • In the case of a thick finish, scrape with a single coat mortar scraper over the fresh mortar in order to leave the surface rough and to allow good adhesion of the finishing plasters.
    • Leave to dry for a minimum of 7 days before applying the finish.
    • Clean tools with water while the product is fresh.


    Do not apply:
    • On horizontal or sloping surfaces
    • On plaster surfaces
    • On aerated concrete
    • On surfaces having received a surface water repellent
    • On old waterproof coatings