Weather resistant, Lime based one-coat render

  • Weather resistant – internal & external use
  • Suitable for wet area
  • Off white
  • couverture

    Covers: 3 m² @ 5mm

  • contenu

    Contain: Bag 20kg

  • sol

    Surface: Wall interior/exterior | Ceiling

MEP®. RENO LITE is a white, lime base, one-coat weather resistant and decorating render for internal and external vertical masonry and concrete walls

MEP®. RENO LITE is a ready-to-use product that does not require the use of an adhesion primer


MEP®. RENO LITE is suitable to all surfaces constructed from the following:

  • • Shuttered Concrete - concrete wall / ceiling / beams / Column
  • • Concrete blocks
  • • Natural stone
  • • Clean, sound, well adhered existing render
  • • Gypsum board (using MEP®. PRIM GP as binder)
  • • Fiber cement board (using MEP®. PRIM GP as binder)
  • • Sponge finish
  • • Trowel Smoothed
  • • Painting
  • • Fine Scraped

The float/sponge/trowel smoothed finishes produce inherent micro cracking on the render surface which may affect the aesthetical appearance but does not affect its durability.

  1. Surface preparation

    ▪ Ensure that surfaces to be rendered are clean, sound and free of dust, release agent, fungi and/or any material which may affect adhesion
    ▪ Remove all traces of plaster, paint, etc
    ▪ All unsound areas, flaky or peeling layers must be removed and repair
    ▪ Construction of the masonry must be compliant with DTU 23.1 / 26.1 / 20.1
    ▪ Surface should be pre-wetted prior to application
    Notes: New walls must be allowed to cure for minimum periods to ensure that movement does not affect the rendering

  2. Mixing ratio: 5 lts (+/- 0.5lts) water per 20 kg bag

    ▪ Gradually add the powder into the required water quantity while mixing to avoid lumps forming
    ▪ Mix thoroughly to a creamy consistency
    ▪ Allow mix to gel for 2-3 min and then remix before use
    NB: Never add more water to the mix. Should the mortar stiffen up due to delays in application then discard the product and mix a fresh batch

  3. Application (Suitable for machine or manual applications)

    ▪ MEP®. RENO LITE is ready to use and does not require the use of an adhesion primer
    ▪ MEP®. RENO LITE should be applied directly on concrete surface by hand troweled or spray applied
    ▪ Ruled to a maximum thickness of 5mm per coat
    ▪ Wait for the mortar to set sufficiently before final profiling and finish to the desired effect

  4. Reinforcement – Alkaline resistant fiber glass mesh

    Good practices _DTU 23.1
    - At the junction between masonry and chaining, lay a strip of MEP.TRAM reinforce mesh suitable for this use overflowing 15 cm above the floor and 15 cm below the 1st joint of the underlying masonry
    - At the junction between different materials, bridge with an overflow of 15 cm on both sides
    - 50 x 30 cm mesh must be laid in the corners of the door and window frames


    Do not use on:
    ▪ Gypsum
    ▪ Paint
    ▪ Wood
    ▪ Weak mortar or plaster
    ▪ All type of metal: Steel, Aluminum…
    ▪ Other surfaces not mention in this tds


    ▪ Do not apply in wet weather, or in temperatures below 5ºC or over 35ºC
    ▪ Dampen the surface prior to application
    ▪ Avoid application under a full sun or on a very hot surface. This can cause shrinkage cracks and/or the loss of mechanical strength in the one coat mortar applied
    ▪ To prevent it from drying too quickly in windy condition, it is preferable to protect the surface receiving direct dry warm winds
    ▪ The day after the application, it is possible to moisten the plaster from the bottom up with a jet set in fog to rehydrate it (optimization of the cure). Do not perform this operation in direct sunlight


    ▪ Packaging: 20kg triple-ply paper bags
    ▪ Handling and storage: 6 months if kept in a dry cool place in the original packaging
    In more extreme conditions this period might be shortened
    ▪ Tools: Mechanical mixer, Spray machine, trowel, sponge