Porous surface primer

  • Regulate the porosity of the surface
  • Optimize adhesion properties of the mortars
  • Prevent air migration from surface thus limits pinholes in main coating
  • couverture

    Covers: 150 g / m²

  • contenu

    Contain: Bucket 5kg & 20kg

  • sol

    Floor: inside/outside | Wall: inside/outside

  • pret-a-lemploi

    Ready to use

MEP®. PRIM GP is a dispersed acrylic resin-based primer that regulates the porosity the surface prior to the application of levelling compounds, tile adhesive, and skimming mortars.

MEP®. PRIM GP is indicated to be used in light to medium traffic project (residential and offices).


MEP®. PRIM GP is designed for priming surfaces prior to the application of:

  • Levelling compound
  • Tile adhesive
  • Skimming products
  • Ready to use - Factory controlled
  • Optimize adhesion properties of the mortars
  • Prevent air migration from surface and limits pinholes in main coating
  1. Surface Preparation:

    ▪ Ensure that the surfaces are not subjected to rising damp
    ▪ Remove any friable residues (peeling paint, old adhesive for vinyl tiles, laitance, etc)
    ▪ The surface must be clean and free of dust, release agent, fungi
    Notes: New floors and walls must be allowed to cure for minimum periods to ensure that movement due to shrinkage does not affect the screed

  2. Mixing and Application

    ▪ MEP®. PRIM GP is ready to use and doesn’t need addition of water
    ▪ Apply directly to the surface, using a brush or roller
    ▪ Complete coverage of all surfaces is essential
    ▪ Drying takes between 1 to 4 hours at +20°C. MEP®. PRIM GP must be touch dry before recoating
    ▪ The mortar must be laid once the primer is touch dry
    (1) In case of a second coat application, wait for the product to set until touch dry
    (2) The interval for covering with mortar cannot exceed 24 hours. If necessary, apply an additional coat


    ▪ Do not use on surfaces subject to rising damp
    ▪ Not suitable for tile on tile application – use MEP®. PRIM PLUS
    ▪ Not suitable for heavy duty traffic


    ▪ Do not apply in full sunlight
    ▪ Clean the tools with water, before drying the product
    ▪ The room temperature will be between +5ºC and +35ºC


    ▪ Packaging: 5kg and 20Kg plastic bucket
    ▪ Handling and storage: 6 months if kept in a dry cool place in the original packaging
    In more extreme conditions this period might be shortened
    ▪ Tools: Paint Brush, Roller