Cementitious Adhesive Primer.

  • Polymer modified to provide a strong bond
  • Long working time for difficult layouts
  • Internal and external – wet areas
  • couverture

    Covers: 7 m² @ 2mm

  • contenu

    Contain: 20kg

  • sol

    Floor: inside/outside | Wall: inside/outside | Ceiling
    Beams and columns

MEP®. PRIM PRO is a high quality polymer modified, thin bed, cement based mortar primer adhesive

  • MEP®. PRIM PRO is a specially formulated grey cement-based adhesion primer, for bonding MEP®. CREPI BLOC or traditional renders (cement & sand) on concrete surface.
  • MEP®. PRIM PRO can be used on walls and ceiling, interior and exterior applications. It can also be used as a thin bed screed coat or finishing render plaster onto concrete, cement renders/screeds, concrete block, rendered brickwork.
  • MEP®. PRIM PRO is highly compatible with/and bonds extremely well to concrete surface.
  • Polymer modified to provide a strong bond onto tiles with very low porosity
  • Ready to use. Only requires clean water for mixing.
  • Constant quality/performance (pre-blended).
  • Can be used on vertical and overhead applications.
  • Long working time for difficult layouts

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  1. Surface preparation:

    Ensure that surfaces to be tiled are clean and free of dust, release agent, fungi.
    Surface should be pre-wetted prior to application.
    All unsound areas, flaky or peeling layers must be removed and repair with MEP®. REP SOL.
    Notes: New walls and floors must be allowed to cure for minimum periods to ensure that movement due to shrinkage does not affect the tilling.

  2. Mixing:

    Mixing ratio: 5.5 lts (+/- 0.5lts) water per 20 kg bag
    Gradually add the powder into the required water quantity while mixing to avoid lumps forming
    Mix thoroughly using a low speed mechanical mixer to a creamy consistency.
    Allow mix to gel for 5 min and then remix before use.
    NB: Never add more water to the mix. Should the mortar stiffen up due to delays in application then discard the product and mix a fresh batch.

  3. Application

    Spread the adhesive onto the surface using a standard plaster trowel. A minimum final bed thickness of 1 mm to 3mm is recommended.
    Do not allow the adhesive to dry prior to application of the plaster render. If the adhesive skins, rework the surface with a trowel prior to applying the render.
    NB: When the mixed mortar is left aside for more than 30 minutes, remix the mortar before use. Do not use over-dried mortar and do not add water to restore its workability.


    Do not use for:
    Old surface such as old paint
    Other surface (wood, steel, aluminum …)


    Do not apply in wet weather, or in temperatures below 5ºC or over 35ºC.
    Wind reduces the tile cement open time and leads to reduced adherence.


    Packaging: 20kg triple-ply paper bags.
    Handling and storage: 6 months if kept in a dry cool place in the original packaging. In more extreme conditions this period might be shortened
    Tools: Low speed mechanical mixer, plaster trowel