Edge sealing mortar.

  • Easy to apply
  • Allows for flatness adjustment
  • Bonds directly to asphalt (bitumen) and concrete
  • couverture

    Covers: 2 kg / m² / mm

  • contenu

    Contain: Bag 25kg

  • sol

    Floor: exterior

MEP®. CEL Bordure is a mortar for the bonding of traffic islands and curbs.


• Adhesion of borders, traffic islands.
• Adhesion of all kinds of concrete elements.
• Grouting of borders.


• Concrete / mortar
• Asphalt mix / asphalt

  1. Preparation of supports:

    • The asphalt or concrete must be clean and resistant.
    • Eliminate all sources of non-adherence: dust, sand, oil, road sign paints.
    • Trace the location of the elements: borders, traffic islands ...
    • Remove dust by brushing or high pressure washing.
    • Saturate the support with water before installation (non-dripping).
    • Drain off the residual water.
    • Reseal any flatness defects (greater than 10 mm under the 2 m rule) with MEP®. CEL Bordure, and let harden for 24 hours.

  2. Preparation of the product:

    • Mix with approximately 4 liters of water per 25 kg bag until a flexible and homogeneous mortar is obtained.
    • Mixing is done using a concrete mixer, manually or mechanically with a mixer at slow speed (500 rpm).

  3. Product application:

    • Spread MEP®. CEL Border in a layer about 1 cm thick on the path.
    • Cover the total width of the element to be bonded and fill in the roughness of the asphalt well.
    • To obtain a regular thickness, use a half-moon notched trowel with maintained at approximately 45 °.
    • Place the elements on the mortar.
    • The thickness of the mortar after crushing must be greater than 3 mm.
    • Adjust the elements with a mallet or a rubber mallet.
    • As soon as the elements are blocked, fill and stuff the edge joints with MEP®. CEL Bordure, trowel or stencil.
    • Clean tools with water while the product is fresh.


    • Do not add water to the mixture during setting.
    • A batch which has started to set must not be used.
    • Avoid application in direct sunlight or in rain and out of wind whenever possible.


    ▪ Packaging: 25kg bag.
    ▪ Storage: 6 months from the date of manufacture, in original unopened packaging stored in a dry place
    Tools: concrete mixer, mixer, shovel, trowel, float, sponge.