Refractory Mortar

  • High temperature resistant (≤ 1000 ° C)
  • High mechanical resistance
  • Fast hardening

MEP®. CEL REFRACTO is a semi-rapid setting refractory mounting and sealing mortar. It is ready to use and allows resistance to temperatures up to 1000 ° C


• Assembly and laying of refractory bricks suitable for the realization of barbecue, open fireplace, bread / pizza ovens for private use
• Assembly and grouting of masonry elements in contact with wastewater (pH ≥ 4)


• Refractory bricks
• Prefabricated elements
• Concrete blocks
• Natural stones
NB: Subject to compliance with their implementation rules

  1. Preparation of supports:

    • The support must be clean and resistant
    • Eliminate all sources of non-adhesion: dust, sand, oil, road sign paints
    • Remove dust by brushing or high pressure washing
    • Moisten the support before installation (non-dripping)

  2. Preparation of the product:

    • Mix MEP®. CEL REFRACTO with 3.5 - 3.75 Lts of water per 25 kg bag until a homogeneous mortar without lumps is obtained
    • Mixing is done manually, using a concrete mixer, or mechanically with a mixer at slow speed (500 rpm)
    CAUTION: MEP®. CEL REFRACTO is formulated with special cements and needs to be applied immediately after mixing

  3. Product application:

    • The application can be done over the entire surface of the material or by rolls
    • The thickness of the joint after installation must be 10 to 15 mm for a horizontal joint
    • The vertical joint will be dry or filled
    • Clean tools with water while the product is fresh


    • The use of this adhesive installation mortar is prohibited


    • Provide for gradual heating
    • Do not add water to the mixture during setting
    • A batch which has started to set must not be used
    • Avoid the application in direct sunlight or in the rain and sheltered from the wind as far as possible