Rapid-setting mortar for grouting road manhole

  • Rapid opening of road to heavy traffic
  • High strengh - 20MPa after 4h
  • Convertible in concrete
  • couverture

    Covers: 20 kg / m² / cm thickness

  • contenu

    Contain: Bag 25kg

  • sol

    Floor: exterior

MEP®. CEL TRAP is a rapid-setting cement-based polymer-modified bedding mortar

MEP®. CEL TRAP is used where rapid opening of road to heavy traffic is required


• Grouting around road manhole.
• Infilling around access chambers and drainage gullies
• Building up access chambers
• Temporary patch repairs
• Many applications requiring a rapid setting (mortar or concrete)


▪ Rapid setting – 20 MPa after 4h @ 20°C
▪ Single component – ready to use
▪ Contains 4mm graded aggregate
▪ When mix with gravel, can be used as a concrete
▪ Quality controlled material packed in 25kg bags

  1. Surface preparation:

    • Ensure that surfaces are clean, free of dust, release agent, fungi
    • All unsound areas, flaky or peeling layers must be removed
    • Surface should be pre-wetted prior to application

  2. Mixing:

    • Mixing ratio: 3 lts (+/- 0.5lts) water per 25 kg bag
    • Gradually add the powder into the required water quantity while mixing to avoid lumps forming
    • Mix thoroughly – manually of using concrete mixer or a low speed mechanical mixer - to a creamy consistency
    • For thicker application, ≥ 60 mm, MEP®. CEL TRAP should be convert into “micro-concrete”
    • To achieve “micro-concrete”, add 10 to 20Lts of 4 to 10mm gravel per 25kg bag

  3. Application:

    •Grouting road manhole
    ▪ Cut out 10cm around the manhole. Cutting must be perpendicular to the edge of the road
    ▪ Excavate up to the concrete ring of the manhole chamber
    ▪ Debris, flaky and non-cohesive layers must be removed
    ▪ Pre-wetted the surface
    ▪ Bed 3 to 5cm of MEP®. CEL TRAP and adjust the frame
    ▪ Fix the manhole frame by filling the belt with MEP®. CEL TRAP
    ▪ Press and level MEP®. CEL TRAP at road high
    ▪ Finish and smooth the surface using a wet sponge
    NB: leave a reserve of 3cm to accept future road asphalt


    Not suitable to be used directly on asphalt


    • Should the mortar stiffen up due to delays in application then discard the product and mix a fresh batch
    • Never add more water to the mix
    • Do not apply in wet weather


    • Packaging: 25kg triple-ply paper bags
    • Handling and storage: 6 months if kept in a dry cool place in the original packaging
    In more extreme conditions this period might be shortened
    ▪ Tools : Concrete mixer, Low speed mechanical mixer, shovel, trowel