Ultra fast sealing mortar (3 min).

  • Ultra fast setting - reacts within seconds.
  • Urgent sealing of leaks.
  • Stops water under pressure.
  • Resistant to sea water.
  • couverture

    Covers: 2 kg / litre

  • contenu

    Contain: Bag 20kg / Bag 1kg

  • sol

    Floor: Buried areas

  • piscine

    Swimming pools, ponds...

MEP®. DRY Express is an ultra fast patching mortar for stopping water flow. It is used in underground areas (basements, garages, technical galleries, etc.) and in civil engineering structures (sewerage networks).


Can be used indoors and outdoors as:
• waterproof sealing mortar
• fixing mortar for quick installation of small steel elements (such as: wire mesh), in concrete or masonry


• Concrete
• Masonry elements
• Cement plaster

  1. Surface Preparation :

    • Surfaces must be clean, cohesive, free of dust, laitance and oil.
    • Possible need to perforate and widen the water inlet areas to obtain a clean edge.

  2. Preparing the product:

    • Stir with about 3 litres of water per 20 kg bag until a soft and homogeneous mortar is obtained.
    ATTENTION: MEP®. DRY Express dries very quickly. Do not waste large quantities so as not to exceed the open time.

  3. Product Application:

    Given the very fast setting, adapt the quantity to be prepared.
    • To seal holes with a pressurized water supply, form the sealant in a pear-shaped in your hand.
    • As soon as the mortar begins to set (matt appearance, heat release), quickly apply MEP®. DRY Express into the hole and keep it pressed firmly for at least 30 seconds (wear gloves).
    • Allow the product to harden.
    • Remove excess material.
    • Level with a trowel within one minute of repair.
    • Clean tools with water while product is fresh.


    • Do not add water to the setting mixture.
    • A mix that has begun to set should not be used.
    • Avoid application in direct sunlight or rain and protect from wind whenever possible.


    • Packaging: 20kg bag, 1kg bag.
    • Shelf life: 6 months from the date of manufacture, in original unopened packaging, stored in a dry place.
    • Tools: trowel, trough, float, sponge.